Fillings & Restorative Dentistry

Fillings & Restorative Dentistry in Vero Beach

Enhance Your Smile With Our 30+ Years of Experience

Missing or damaged teeth can interfere with your ability to smile, speak, and eat. Replacing missing teeth helps to improve your appearance and restore proper tooth function. At Pelican Dental Care, we provide a range of services for restorative dentistry in Vero Beach. We have more than 30 years of experience and the latest technology for exceptional results.

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Restoring the Form & Function of Teeth

Restorative dentistry involves treatments that restore the structure, function, and appearance of the teeth. Restorations may be needed for a number of reasons, such as treating teeth that are decayed, cracked, broken, or missing. Restorative treatments repair the function of your teeth and help improve your overall oral health.

At Pelican Dental Care, we offer restorative dentistry in Vero Beach utilizing the most advanced and effective technologies. We stay updated on all new technologies and treatment methods in restorative dentistry to provide our patients with access to the highest quality care.

Explore Our Restorative Dentistry Services

Whether you have a tooth that is weak, decayed, cracked, or missing, we offer Vero Beach restorative dentistry services to meet your needs. We can help restore the natural beauty and normal function of your teeth with composite fillings, dental crowns, veneers, or bridges.

Our restorative treatments include:

  • Composite Fillings – Fillings can be used for a variety of purposes, including filling cavities and fixing broken or cracked teeth. The materials used for dental fillings include silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, or composite resin. Composite fillings are created to match the natural tooth color.
  • Crowns – A dental crown can be used to cover the natural tooth to restore the normal size and shape of the tooth. Crowns are also used to strengthen a tooth that is weak, requires a large filling, or after root canal to prevent breaking. Crowns can also be used to correct teeth that are improperly shaped or discolored. A crown used with a dental implant provides a strong and durable replacement tooth.
  • Veneers – A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is applied to the front of the teeth. Veneers can be used to correct stains, chips, discoloration, decay, and other irregularities. A model is created to make custom veneers for a comfortable fit. Some of the enamel is removed to prepare the teeth for the veneers. It is best to avoid staining foods and beverages to keep your veneers looking great.
  • Bridges – A bridge is used to replace missing teeth to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Bridges are made of porcelain, gold, and alloys, and can be either fixed or removable. You can take out removable bridges and clean them, but fixed bridges stay in place, unless removed by the dentist.

We start with a thorough examination of your teeth to determine the problems that need to be addressed and the most effective treatments. We take the time to discuss treatment options, answer your questions, and create a personalized treatment plan to help you enjoy a more attractive and healthier smile. 

Learn more about the most effective treatments for your needs in a free consultation. Call (772) 569-9781 to set up an appointment. 

What Do Our Patients Have to Say About Us?

We Respect & Value all of Our Patients!
    “Latest in Dental Technology”
    “Dr. Perez is a great dentist. I have been in her care for the past 10+ years. My visits always begin with a friendly welcome. Once in the chair, I receive a complete medical exam using the latest in dental technology.”
    - Casimir C.
    “I can honestly say she's the BEST.”
    “I have had multiple services provided including routine care, extraction, implant, crown and new mouth guard. The staff are professional and gentle.”
    - Sharon K.
    “The Perfect Smile”
    “Dr. Perez is amazing! She did my cleaning, whitening & crowns all in one visit! I was so happy I actually cried tears of joy. I waited 25 years for the perfect smile and now I have it.”
    - Joanne A.
    “Above & Beyond”
    “This is an amazing place to go to, they all have positive attitudes and take the time to show they care going above and beyond not just for the quality of smiles but for the quality of life.”
    - Dakota T.
    “An Awesome Dentist!”
    “Dr. Lila Perez is an awesome dentist! She’s very caring and concerned about her patients, she takes time to find out any concerns and listens, and gives insightful advice that’s very helpful.”
    - Debbie J.
    “Dr. Perez is the best!”
    “First time in my life a dentist has a massage chair in the office that has given me relaxation and rejuvenation - simply spectacular!”
    - Marie S.
    “Dr. Perez is amazing.”
    “I love my new smile!”
    - Brittney L.
    “Fantastic dental practice!”
    “The office staff is compassionate, knowledgeable, and the service is incredible.”
    - Karen O.

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