Root Canals

Root Canals in Vero Beach

10+ Years of Exceptional Patient Care

Pelican Dental Care offers endodontics in Vero Beach. This dental specialty focuses on problems involving the dental pulp of the tooth. Infected or diseased dental pulp requires endodontic treatment to preserve the tooth and your overall dental health. We have more than 10 years of experience and a commitment to quality dental care and affordable prices.

If you require endodontic treatment, please call (772) 569-9781 to set up an appointment. 

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Root canal therapy may be needed when a deep cavity infects the pulp of the tooth, a cracked tooth caused by injury, and problems with a tooth that has previously had a filling. In some cases, we discover a problem during a routine examination. In most cases, the patient experiences tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages or other symptoms.

Some signs that you may need a root canal include:

  • Pain when chewing and eating
  • Tender, swollen gums
  • A tooth that is cracked or chipped
  • Deep tooth decay
  • Dental trauma

If you are having any of the above symptoms or another type of tooth pain, it is best to seek treatment as quickly as possible. When decay is the cause of the trouble, ignoring the problem will only allow it to get worse. As the decay continues to damage the tooth, it can reach the pulp and the nerve of the tooth. This causes extreme pain, so don’t wait to call for endodontic treatment. If the infection is not treated, it can lead to an abscess and loss of the tooth.

Quality Endodontic Treatment

The root canal is the most common treatment for endodontics in Vero Beach. This procedure involves removing the infected pulp. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned and disinfected. A special material, known as gutta-percha, is used to fill and seal the tooth. A crown may be recommended to protect the tooth and restore the normal function.

In addition to root canals, we offer endodontic treatment to solve other problems, such as chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and dental trauma. Our dentist and staff are constantly learning, growing, and implementing the latest and most effective treatment methods for our patients.

The Care Your Need in One Location

At Pelican Dental Care, we are pleased to offer Vero Beach endodontics in our office, so our patients can avoid going to multiple dentists for the required treatment. Whether your problem is caused by infection in the pulp or trauma, we do everything we can to restore your tooth with quality endodontic care. Our goal is to help you keep your teeth whenever possible.

If you are in pain and need to be seen, we are often able to accommodate requests for same day or next day appointments. We are available in the evenings and on weekends by appointment only. Our staff offers quality care that is customized to your needs, and we can communicate with our patients in English, French, and Spanish for personal service.

If you have questions about our endodontic services or need an appointment, please contact our office at (772) 569-9781

What Do Our Patients Have to Say About Us?

We Respect & Value all of Our Patients!
    “Very Good Dental Plan”
    “I am very pleased with the care I have received at this dentist. Dr. Perez is friendly and efficient. They also have a very good dental plan, especially for Seniors.”
    - Cindy N.
    “The Biggest of Smiles!”
    “Pelican Dental always leaves me with the biggest of smiles! Between their wonderful care of my teeth-- which they are equal parts efficient and careful with handling-- and their kindness towards their patients.”
    - Darcy R.
    “Very Honest”
    “The staff is intelligent, kind, and friendly and all seem very happy to explain procedures with you. Above all, Dr. Perez works diligently and is very honest.”
    - Carissa G.
    “The Best Experience”
    “I’ve had the best experience at Pelican Dental! Had my dental implants taken out (which were falling out) and a beautiful bridge put in. No pain.”
    - Billie B.
    “Treated Me Immediately”
    “The Dr. was quick to address the situation and treat me immediately. She was very professional and gave me peace of mind by answering all my questions from the procedure. The staff treated me kindly and was friendly all throughout.”
    - Natasha L.
    “Above & Beyond”
    “This is an amazing place to go to, they all have positive attitudes and take the time to show they care going above and beyond not just for the quality of smiles but for the quality of life.”
    - Dakota T.
    “I Love Dr. Perez”
    “I've been a patient here for 8 years I love Dr. Perez and her staff. The office accommodates me when I need treatment.”
    - Isael M.
    “Latest in Dental Technology”
    “Dr. Perez is a great dentist. I have been in her care for the past 10+ years. My visits always begin with a friendly welcome. Once in the chair, I receive a complete medical exam using the latest in dental technology.”
    - Casimir C.

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